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Finding IT & Engineering Talent
  • Take Your Sourcing Skills to the Next Level Slides
  • Diversify: How to Thrive in a Tight Tech Market Slides Blog
  • The Tech Toolkit Handouts
  • Titans of Recruiting Blog
Building & Retaining a Strong Team
  • Using Gamification to Supercharge Recruiting Operations Slides
  • Incentivizing the Team: Compensation Plans for Sales & Recruiters That Drive Performance Slides
  • We're Not in Kansas Anymore! Successfully Managing and Motivating the Recruiting Team in a Challenging Market Slides
  • Creating a Sustainable Talent Pipeline - Jeffrey Moss Video
Sales, Business Development & Marketplace Differentiation
  • The Importance of Developing Successful Sales Organizations & Its Impact on Your Business Slides
  • What Does Your Brand Say About You? How Staffing Companies are Differentiating Themselves in a Sea of Sameness Blog
  • Inside the Mind of the CIO: A Candid Conversation Blog Video
Executive Leadership & Management
  • Beyond Work-Life Balance: What Really Works in Building and Retaining High Performing Teams Slides Blog
  • Challenges and Celebrations of Running a Lifestyle IT Staffing Firm Slides
  • The Code for the Next Wave with Shaun Tomson Blog
  • Differentiate or Die! How I Transformed My Commoditized Staffing Firm into a Specialty Niche Player - Gary Zander Slides Video
  • Sue Thaden Video
  • Andrew Limouris Video
Compliance, HR & Insurance Forum
  • Programs That Matter Slides

Interactive experiences included hands-on workshops, peer-to-peer knowledge sharing through facilitated group discussion and an abundance of networking opportunities for the entire team:

  • Owners & Executives
  • Account Executives
  • Recruiters
  • Back Office Teams

Click here to view or download photos from the event. Please credit "Christopher Todd Studios" when using any photos for promotional purposes. 

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